Prepare all the specifications to start manufacturing in a scalable and sustainable way

We know how rough ideas are in the beginning, and how they need to be tuned perfectly before they are acted upon. We will help you prepare and optimize all the specifications before manufacturing can start. Once we have discussed and locked down on the best idea, we will start looking for suppliers that fit into your requirements.

Fine Tune

Transform your design layouts into workable hardware

We can turn your schematic diagram into a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). This is the process of soldering all electronic components to a printed circuit board. Or we can work together to create or perfect your layouts with the help of our experienced engineers. We will transform your design layout or idea into workable hardware.


Convert your 2D/3D drawings into real professional housing

Preparing the plastic or other materials for your product can be a daunting task. We can help you find the right materials and craft a mold that will allow you to produce as many housing as you need for your product. We can also help you on the 3D design or industrial design so the final result is as beautiful as you expect it to be.


Join all the pieces together and pack your product into a beautiful giftbox for your clients

Assembling in China can greatly bring down the cost of your product. We will find you the right factory to assemble your product, and pack all the chargers, batteries, manuals, flyers, accessories or anything that comes with your product into a beautiful custom designed giftbox.


Get approved on all needed certifications for importing and selling

We will help you in achieving all the certifications that are required, so you can easily import and sell your product. FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH, medical certifications, we can find you the best lab for your needs and we can help you with the logistics of obtaining the approval.


Transport from China to your office, and our job is done

No matter where in the world you are, we will ensure that your products reach your office safely and securely. Our job does not end when your goods are packed and shipped, it ends when you receive them at your door. We also support you on all custom clearance procedures, providing you the right documents for your kind of product.