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Startups, PCBs and China

The foundation of the technology industry is built on a specific kind of technology called electronics and in particular, Printer Circuit Boards or PCBs for short. PCBs are at the core of nearly all technological products, from laptops to robotic limbs to spaceships. If it uses technology it no doubt is home to at least one if not several PCBs. This is because PCBs are essentially the nervous system of your technological device, connecting all the various modules together and allowing them to communicate and function.

Because of the importance of PCBs, many startups have to ensure the quality, quantity and price requirements are met when sourcing or producing any kind of PCB. In addition, because PCBs are essentially an unavoidable component of modern technology, it is a popular choice for startups to get involved in designing and testing it. Take DJI as an example. DJI is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer and professional grade quadcopters (drones) and videography equipment. Founded in 2006 and with an annual turnover of over $1.5 billion, the startup heavily relies on Chinese components and electronics to build their advanced flying machines. This includes PCBs, cameras, motors among numerous other electronics that enable their products to function. Being founded in Shenzhen, China, the heart of all electronics in the world, gave them a huge advantage and allowed them to quickly scale and evolve their products to worldwide standards.

Due to this demand, the technology manufacturing industry in China is a billion dollar industry and one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world. With China being home to factory complexes larger than several football fields, and each complex often being dedicated to producing only electronics. China is a must go for startups looking for electronics at the core of their devices.

Finding a good supplier for your devices PCBs is key to have a reliable, scalable and most of all consistent business. And in a world of startups, innovation, internet and gadgets, not controlling your electronics manufacturing is a big mistake that will most certainly leave you one huge step behind your competition.

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